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Specialists in Marine cooling, refrigeration and air conditioning

Keisan Refrigeration has been servicing the marine sector since 2001. We cover many area's of the marine industry including fishing, oil and gas, Navy, Border-Force and super yachts just to name a few.

We are able to supply, install, maintain, and repair a wide variety of equipment and are familiar with marine applications and its distinct requirements.

We use specialized equipment for servicing marine water cooled condensers so if your refrigeration system is struggling to get cold it may be time to get your water cooled condenser professionally cleaned.

We understand the requirements and needs of vessel owners and operators.

Service, design, construct and install a range of cooling equipment

  • Ice machines
  • Brine systems
  • Blast freezers
  • Fish rooms
  • HVAC-Air-conditioning equipment
  • Split systems
  • Chilled water system
  • Custom Built fan coil units to replace split heads

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