Commercial & Residential Commercial Air Conditioning Services in Darwin

No matter the brand or air conditioner size, we provide a prompt service for all your air conditioning requirements from supply to installation, maintenance and repairs.

Air Conditioning Equipment Installation

We install air conditioning systems to homes, vessels, and commercial premises that are specifically designed to match the unique requirements of your space. Our team of expert technicians are qualified trades people committed to excellence in workmanship, communication, and responsive service. With decades of experience with installing air conditioning equipment whether it be a bespoke system to meet specific requirements for a customer or a split system we have done it all.

Air Conditioning Repairs

We provide fast response times to repair your air conditioning equipment 24/7. Our team of fully qualified technicians are able to quickly diagnose and repair a wide variety of air conditioning equipment.

Air Conditioning and Air Handling Units Preventative Maintenance

Your air conditioning system should be professionally serviced regularly to check the refrigerant gas levels, test the thermostat and make sure all the internals are in good condition. Regularly serving your air-conditioning equipment will prevent breakdowns and save on costly repairs/replacements. Ensuring your equipment lasts longer and lowering power costs.

What air conditioning checks should be carried out periodically?

  • Inspect and clean filters.
  • Inspect and clean evaporator.
  • Inspect system refrigerant levels, inspect for leaks if low levels detected.
  • Test for correct control sequence and make sure all system protection devices are operating correctly.
  • Ensure all electrical connections are good, tighten if necessary, and apply a non-conductive coating as required.
  • Inspect compressor oil levels where possible.
  • Inspect compressor efficiency.
  • Inspect belts for tightness and wear.
  • Inspect the accuracy of the thermostat

Air Conditioning On-Call Break Down Service

We are available 24/7 to get you back up and running no matter what the problem is or the type of equipment you have.

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